"Sonia is a warm and engaging speaker.  The children really enjoyed her interesting and interactive presentation. They benefited from the activities and discussion surrounding the themes in her books. Sonia opened up to them the world of writing, illustrating and publishing a book. We look forward to reading more of her books in the future!"

Bronwyn Steinwede, Teacher Librarian, SGCS Infants.


For the Parents & Educators

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         For the MUMPRENEUR

Are you a busy Mumpreneur who could use a helping hand to live a fulfilled, happy and healthy life?

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Need an awesome Speech Pathologist?

Talking Heads Speech Pathology is a well established, highly reputable clinic founded by Sonia Bestulic in 2006. Her dedication to making a positive difference in people’s lives continues to shine it’s light through the wonderful creation that is; Talking Heads Speech Pathology.

Talking Heads Speech Pathology provides quality speech pathology services encompassing individuals of all ages. 

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Presentations and Seminars

Lots of experience to share

My seminars and presentations start many valuable conversations and open the doors of possibility for teachers, parents and health professionals.  If you are looking for an informative and motivating session, be sure to check out my most popular topics here.

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What a great honour

I am thrilled

I have been recognised as a mum entrepreneur.  Like many people I see the juggle between kids, husband, family, business, love and life is ongoing and many have not been recognised for their many achievements that keep all things going.  I have the privilege of working with many and supporting them in their daily juggle.