Do you have the most important things on your list?

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So you think you’re good at writing lists?

Shopping lists, daily task lists, weekly task lists, yearly task list, holiday list… AND THE LIST GOES ON!

In all your listing, have you ever listed;

What makes you happy?

Who you have to forgive?

Ways that you show yourself love?

Think of the times in your life when you were the happiest…

Who was around? What was around you?

Look at the guts of what it was that made you happy.

E.g. being able to laugh at yourself, laughing with others, having more time out for yourself, spending time with family or really good, genuine friends.

Understand what it is that makes you happy, and then go for it!

The material stuff is exactly that; material stuff. We all know the novelty wears off, and that new Porsche you saved up for, for 20 years might make you happy for a while… but only for a while. Remember the happiest people on this planet have the least material possessions.

Read the above line again if you need to drive that point home. (Excuse the pun; “drive”, “Porsche” etc.) Well I had a laugh, so I can tick that off my happiness list for the day  

Think of the people with whom you continue to hold a grudge. Those whose name/ thought brings you pain, anger and/ or sadness…

YOU are allowing all those people to hold onto your energy. It is your energy. You can control where that energy goes, and can reclaim it through forgiveness. It is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Finally and most importantly, think of the ways in which you show yourself love. That voice inside your head needs to be like that of a best friend. A supportive, encouraging, motivating voice that is both positive and patient. Find ways to nurture yourself.

So where to from here? Happiness, forgiveness and self-love is not necessarily automatic; it takes conscious practice and consistent application – and it is worth it. Not only for you but also for the children in your life.