Go nuts over this healthy snack!


I really enjoy snacks, and especially enjoy snacks that are easy to make, great for you and tasty too!

Nuts in general are a great energy source for you. Activated nuts I’ve found that my gut can tolerate better than non-activated nuts, which is one of the health benefits claimed; i.e. gentler on the digestive system, with another claimed health benefit being that of enhanced nutrient absorption.

I also enjoy playing around with the flavours, so here is one of my favourite combinations, as I share how easy it is to be able to activate your own nuts at home, and save on the super expensive price of buying activated nuts at the store!

1.       Place cashews, into a large bowl (use natural cashews)

2.       Cover them with water (make sure they are completely submerged

3.       Leave to soak for 6-12 hours

4.       After soaking, strain away the excess water

5.       Place the cashews in a single layer on a baking tray

6.       Sprinkle ground cinnamon and Himalayan pink sea salt over the nuts, tossing to spread evenly

7.       Slowly roast at a very low heat (65°C) in an oven

8.       Periodically (every hour or so) gently toss the nuts whilst on the baking tray

9.       The nuts are ready when they are completely dried out, and super crunchy!

Buon appetito!